The Locked Room COVID-19 Policy

The Locked Room COVID-19 Policy

Policy Update: September 20th, 2021

All of our Locked Room locations are fully open

Starting September 20th, 2021 we will be following the restrictions exemption program as explained on the Alberta state of emergency covid-19 website

After September 20th, 2021 it will be a requirement for all of our guests over the age of 11 to produce ONE of the following to enter any Locked Room location:

1. A Proof of Vaccination:
– Single dose will be accepted between September 20 and October 25 if received 2 weeks before your booking date.
– Double doses will be required for entry after October 25
2. A privately paid for negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of your booking time

Locked Room guests under the age of 12 are exempt and will not require the above documentation for entrance.

Medical exemptions for vaccinations:
We are currently awaiting further government guidance on medical exemptions for vaccinations, but hope to build a process to manage valid medical exemptions in the near future. This means that after September 20th and before this process is in place we will only be accepting proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 for admittance. Thank you in advance for your patience as we build out a process to allow for medical exemptions.

As a reminder, at this time the Calgary mask bylaw is still in effect and face coverings will still be required to be worn in the facility.

The following will be accepted as proof of vaccination:
1) A paper or digital copy of the Covid-19 vaccination immunization records received when receiving your Covid-19 vaccination.
2) A paper or digital copy of your Covid-19 immunization records from the myHealth Alberta website.
3) A paper or digital copy of your vaccination card from the myHealth Alberta website (available starting Sept. 19th)

Abuse towards staff or other guests will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to refuse service.

Thank you for your continued support as we follow the covid-19 provincial guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and guests.

~The Locked Room Management & Staff

All 3 Locked Room locations are open

We also host online escape games on Zoom!