Escape Capers: Now Partnered With The Locked Room!

Escape Capers
is back!

Escape Capers has officially joined
forces with The Locked Room.

Now offering three hosted online experiences.
Play with friends across the globe.

What escape rooms are available?

At the moment we have two escape rooms in operation. The Price is Life is our newest room. It is game show themed and operating at TLR’s Southland location. We also have a superhero themed game called The Quizzler’s Revenge operating at TLR’s Northeast location.

We also have two hosted audio escape rooms for groups who want to play an escape game from their home computers.

What's a hosted audio escape game?

It’s similar to an escape room in that your group will be exploring a room, gathering clues, and solving puzzles, except the entire experience is run online through a video chat with one of our charismatic gamemasters. It’s fun, quirky, and ideal for groups who want to do something together in a virtual setting.

You can get additional details about it here.

I want to come play! Tell me about my options.

The Quizzler’s Revenge:

A M.E.G.A. BOMB has goen missing from Starr Laboratories! Left in its place; a singular purple question mark surrounded by the words “Tick, Tock, & Tick…”. This is clearly the work of The Quizzler, a criminal mastermind with an obsession for proving she’s smarter than the heroes sent to defeat her.

Infiltrate her scret lair and retrieve the missing M.E.G.A. BOMB before it is activated… or have millions suffer the consequence.

LOCATION: #15 2015 32 Ave NE Calgary
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Intermediate Plus
COST/TIME LIMIT: $28 per person for groups of 4+ / 60 minutes


The Price is Life:

Usually you would be thrilled to try and win some Fast Money on a classic tv game show. But after you die in embarrassing fashion, you find out your very essence is in Jeopardy. Will you “come on down” and be the next contestant on The Price is Life?

LOCATION: 9937 Fairmount Dr. SE Calgary
COST/TIME LIMIT: $28 per person for groups of 4+ / 60 minutes


Are any of the current games a hosted experience?

As of September 2020, we are only offering traditional (non-hosted) escape games. As your group’s health and wellness is our top priority, we want your group to feel safe that you have the room to yourselves as you try to escape.

Don’t worry though, after three years of hosting games at our Ogden location we have a great understanding of what makes for a fun and memorable adventure.

What age groups do you recommend?

Our themes will always be family friendly, but we do like to challenge you, so our recommended age groups are just a little higher than usual. Mostly it depends how many adults would be playing along with the children. Officially, we suggest:

With no adults: ages 14 and up.
With 1 adult: ages 12 and up.
With multiple adults: ages 8 and up.

If you have a group who is younger than the age ranges listed above, you might find that Mission: Antartica or Game Over would be a better fit for your group.

The above would also apply for our hosted audio escape games.

Will you be doing any large-scale events this year?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we don’t expect to run any theatrical escape games in 2020. Any similar events will be announced both here and on our Facebook page.

Escape Capers is known for pushing the boundaries of the escape room experience.

If you are a fan of escape games, you owe it to yourself to see why our customers absolutely love what we do.

“As someone who had no previous experience with escape rooms and is in general pretty bad with puzzles, I had a wonderful time here, and highly recommend it. Definitely will be returning to try other rooms!”

Grace K

via TripAdvisor

“Challenging and fun – absolutely great time – recommend it to anyone – you won’t be disappointed!”

Vern Campbell

via Google Reviews

“I have experienced well over 55 rooms across Alberta and can safely say that Capers is one of the best escape experiences in town.

David L

via TripAdvisor

“I’ve done a lot of escape rooms previously and I feel that this is the most perfectly balanced one I have encountered… It was an extremely enjoyable and satisfying experience.”

James Anderson

via Google Reviews

Do you have questions, comments, or need a room recommendation for your group? Or are you looking to do a large group event, either online, or in person? Let us know using the form below!

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