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Escape Room Story

In the late 1940’s Calgary was a hotbed of UFO activity. There have long been rumors of a top secret extraterrestrial military research facility known as ‘Hangar 403’. New information has suddenly come to light about highly classified experiments allegedly being performed on lifeforms not of this planet in this very facility.

You and your team have been sent by a secret government agency to break into the abandoned facility and seek out the truth before the hangar is destroyed. They’ve armed you with a military grade security hacking device to help you on your way, but time is of the essence.



The Hangar 403 Locked Room is our newest escape room and is a good challenge, so it is listed at an “advanced” difficulty level.

This means that we recommend that you do not try this escape room if it is your very first time playing one. If you’ve played a few escape rooms before and are looking for a challenge you will likely find it with this room!


This escape room belongs to the “mystery” genre of escape rooms.

Our mystery escape rooms may contain moderately intense situations. This can include a broad range of elements but some examples include: a portion of the room being in darkness (we always provide flashlights!), being locked behind bars, or having scary props in the room. The noises and sounds in these rooms may also be somewhat suspenseful.

Although fun for the vast majority of players, if you are extremely claustrophobic you may want to consider trying one of our lower intensity “adventure” rooms.

12+ age
70 minutes to escape
Locked Room Hangar 403 Room Picture
Locked Room Hangar 403 Room Picture


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