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Escape Room Story

You and some friends hit the town for one last epic night before your wedding day. You remember nothing from the night before, and now you’ve woken up somewhere…that you definitely don’t recognize. Shaggy carpets, lava lamps, and traces of a crazy night of debauchary … where are you?

The door leading outside is locked and to make matters worse, when you check the time you realize that you’re in danger of missing your big day! Will you be able to piece together the crazy night you had in order to get out of this strange place and make it to your own wedding?



The Hipster Hangover escape room is middle of the pack for the difficulty rating with a 35% successful escape rate

This escape room is listed as “Intermediate”. This means that it not impossible to complete if it is your very first time playing a Locked Room but that we do recommend it for players with at least 1 previous escape room played.

The Hipster Hangover escape room belongs to the “adventure” genre of escape rooms.

Our adventure escape rooms are categorized by being light-hearted and fun in nature. These rooms are typically well lit, bright escape rooms that do not incorporate scary or intense elements into them.

NOTE: The Hipster Hangover Room has an 18+ rating due to adult subject matter and references to alcohol and substances


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