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“You have been wrongfully thrown into prison and are sitting on death row for a crime you didn’t commit. The prison has high security but you and the prisoners in the other cell block have devised a plan that will allow you the chance to escape.

The prisoners in the other cell block have created a diversion for you by creating a riot and drawing the attention of all the guards in the death row cell block. Here’s your chance! The jail keys lie just out of reach on the other side of the cell, but luckily you’ve been working on a tool that will allow you to reach the keys. After escaping your jail cell, you must still navigate your way past the electric chair and police office undetected in order to escape this prison. This won’t be an easy task and your freedom hangs in the balance.”



The Prison Break escape room is listed as “Intermediate”.

This means that it not impossible to complete if it is your very first time playing a Locked Room but that we do recommend it for players with at least 1 previous escape room played.


Captivity belongs to the “mystery” genre of escape rooms.

Our mystery themed rooms may contain moderately intense situations. This can include a broad range of elements but some examples include: a portion of the room being in darkness (we always provide flashlights!), being locked behind bars, or having scary props in the room. The noises and sounds in these rooms may also be somewhat suspenseful.

Although fun for the vast majority of players, if you are extremely claustrophobic you may want to consider playing one of our lower intensity “adventure” rooms instead.

12+ age
Locked Room Prison Break Room Picture
Locked Room Prison Break Room Picture


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