The Locked Room presents PubQuest

October 2018 Quest

Halloween Spooktacular

October PubQuest: Halloween Spooktacular

General Information

PubQuest is a night for puzzle lovers. Teams of 4 players will put their puzzle-solving abilities to the test as they compete against other teams, attempting to complete their quest.

Think of it as pub trivia, but with Locked Room puzzles instead.

A new quest will become available every month and food and drink are available for purchase from Axe Games

The cost of Pubquest is $10 per team and there is a maximum of 4 players per team.

Teams will have a variety of puzzles to solve. If you solve a puzzle without taking any hints, you get a time bonus! Compete against other teams to emerge victorious! The top team for each night will win a prize! There will also be a draw for a second prize between all the remaining teams. Cell phones are allowed and encouraged for solving puzzles!

Past PubQuest WINNERS

June 6, 2018      The Vindicators

June 20, 2018    Are We Out Yet?

Halloween Spooktacular PubQuest Date(s)

*Note: Players will only be permitted to play any given PubQuest once, a new PubQuest will be released each month!

Wednesday October 24th


7:00pm-9:00pm (doors at 6:30pm)


PubQuest will be hosted at the Axe Games facility, a few doors over from Locked Room Northeast


Axe Games
2015 32nd ave NE
Suite #23

Table (team) size

A maximum of 4 players per table (team) is permitted and 4 players is the recommended team size. There will be up to 10 teams per night.

What if we have less than 4 people?

No problem – you can still register a team but you may be at a slight disadvantage as other teams will have 4 people working on the puzzles.

What if we have more than 4 people?

4 people is the maximum per team, please split your team and register as multiple teams if this is the case.


The cost per team is $10 and you can have up to 4 players.


The winning team will receive a $50 gift certificate towards a future pub quest & there will also be a random draw for a random $50 prize for all of the teams who completed the quest.


Food and drinks are available for purchase at Axe Games: View the Axe Games Menu

Age Requirement

PubQuest is hosted at a licensed venue and is an 18+ event

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October’s Quest:


*Note: players & teams will only be permitted to play any given PubQuest once, a new PubQuest will be released each month.

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