Sinister Study

Sinister Study

Escape Room Story

You receive a panicked voicemail from one of your good friends. He is in trouble and begs you to meet him at his study as soon as possible. When you arrive, the door is wide open, but he is nowhere to be seen. You cautiously step inside and as you do the door slams shut behind you.

You have an unsettling feeling in your stomach and feel a dark presence in the room … will you be able to find out what happened to your friend and defeat the dark force that lives in the study before this evil presence takes over?



The Sinister Study Locked Room is one of our harder escape rooms and is listed as “advanced”.

This means that we recommend that you do not try this escape room if it is your very first time playing one. If you’ve played a few escape rooms before and are looking for a challenge you will likely find it with this room!


The Sinister Study escape room belongs to the “mystery” genre of escape rooms.

Our mystery themed rooms may contain moderately intense situations. This can include a broad range of elements but some examples include: a portion of the room being in darkness (we always provide flashlights!), being locked behind bars, or having scary props in the room. The noises and sounds in these rooms may also be somewhat suspenseful.

Although fun for the vast majority of players, if you are extremely claustrophobic you may want to consider playing one of our lower intensity “adventure” rooms instead.

14+ Age
Locked Room Sinister Study Room Picture
Locked Room Sinister Study Room Picture


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