Dates Added (Jan 3rd & 4th) for the Escape Mansion!

A Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas


About The Show

A Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas is a Locked Room production that combines elements seen in a typical escape room with a full cast of actors & theatre elements. Not only will you be solving puzzles, but interaction with these actors & actresses will be necessary to progress through the game.

Event Details

Event Dates:
Dec. 26th – 30th
Jan. 3rd & 4th

Event Location: Lougheed House, 707 13 Ave SW
Event Pricing: From $49.95/pp
Event Length: Approximately 2 hours
Group Sizes: 2 to 9 players*
Please Note: *Groups of 5 or less players may be paired with other groups to complete their team at the event.

The Story So Far…
He stood by his scheme, and he grinned a sly smile.
“It’s so fun to be mean, all this plotting worthwhile.
Oh Rudolph, so wild, but simply too cool.
And Buddy, a child, so easy to fool.
Little Claus and the elf, too dumb, and too dry.”
He said to himself, with a gleam in his eye.
So he cricked all the cracks, in his green Grinchy hands
And he set to enact his most naughty Grinch plans.

Not An Escape Room, It’s An Escape Mansion!

Lougheed House: 3 Stories & 15 Rooms to Explore

The event will take place at Lougheed House & will represent a much larger escape game to explore than our typical Locked Room experience.

Venue History

Built in 1891 and originally known as “Beaulieu”, the French meaning “beautiful place”, Lougheed House is a national historic site located in the Beltline district of Calgary, Alberta.

The mansion was built in 1891 by Senator James Alexander Lougheed for his wife, Isabella Hardisty Lougheed and their two sons, Clarence and Norman. Following the move to the large mansion, four more children were born: Edgar, Dorothy, Douglas and Marjorie. In 1907 the house was enlarged to accommodate the family and their large social calendar. The mansion was built of sandstone per the municipal building code as a result of the Calgary Fire of 1886.

Meet the cast

The cast of The Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas is excited to bring the show back for a 2nd year this holiday season!

Frequently Asked Questions: A Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas

When does this show run?

A Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas will have a 5 day run for the 2019 holiday season (Dec. 26th – 30th).

Thursday Dec 26th at 3:30pm and 7:00pm
Friday Dec 27th at 5:00pm and 8:00pm
Saturday Dec 28th at 5:00pm and 8:00pm
Sunday Dec 29th at 5:00pm and 8:00pm
Monday Dec 30th at 5:00pm and 8:00pm

Due to overwhelming demand 4 shows have been added to our run!
Friday Jan 3rd at 5:00pm and 8:00pm
Saturday Jan 4th at 5:00pm and 8:00pm

How much are tickets?

$49.95/pp for groups of 6 or more people
$54.95/pp for groups of 5 or less people

How long is the event?

This is an extended Locked Room event where you will have approximated double the length of time of a regular Locked Room. The event will be approximately 2 hours in length.

There's actors and actresses?

Yes! Unlike a regular Locked Room this event will include a cast of actors & actresses. Not only will you be required to solve puzzles, but interactions with the cast will be vital to your team’s success!

What size teams can participate?

Tickets can be purchased with 2 to 9 players. Please note that you may be paired with another group on your team if you book with 5 players or less, as the game is best experienced with 6+ players on a team. Please contact us if your group has purchased tickets separately & we can make sure that you are put together on a team.

Is there an age limit?

A Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas is for ages 12 and up. Children aged 12-15 must be accompanied by an adult during gameplay.

When should we show up?

The doors will open 15 minutes prior to the showtime and we recommend that you arrive a MINIMUM of 15 minutes early so you can be shown to your table, explained the rules, and have a chance to order drinks. The theatrical escape experience will start sharply on the stated showtime. Arriving after your showtime will result in your group not being admitted to the event with no refunds provided.

What should we bring?

The ID of the ticket purchaser is all you will need for entry to the show or you can bring your confirmation email (either printed out or on a phone). If purchasing drinks from the cash bar please make sure that everyone in the group also brings a government issued ID.

Are drinks available at the venue?

Yes there will be a cash bar available at the Lougheed House.

Is there food at the event?

No, there is no food service at this event, but we will have a cookie decorating station setup for before & after the event if you would like to purchase a cookie ($1) for decoration.

Should I dress up for the show?

This is a holiday season event, so festive attire is encouraged!

Will I be paired with other teams?

As a large-scale event, there will be multiple teams playing simultaneously, but each team will be playing individually. Please note that groups of 6+ players will be given their own team, whereas groups with 5 players or less may be paired with another group in order to complete their team.

There's multiple teams playing?

Yes! In A Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas up to nine teams can play at once. Although there will be multiple teams playing the game at the same time each team will be looking to succeed individually at the event.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets to A Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas are non-refundable, however, tickets may be transferred to another participant. Please contact us at: with your showtime, full name, and full name of the person you are transferring the ticket to.

Can I change my ticket to a different date or time?

Up until 72 hours before your show time: Yes. Before this time tickets to A Holly Jolly Lougheed Christmas may be moved to a different date or show time if availability permits. Please email us at: in order to transfer your ticket to a different date or time. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours please call us to confirm.

Once the 72 hour mark is passed: No. After this time tickets are locked in and may not be moved to a different date or time.