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Escape Room Story

You wake up stuck in a room full of cages with your friends and some other random people. You have a massive headache and can’t remember how you ended up in this room. The others look as frightened and confused as you.

The walls are covered in blood, and it is clear that you are being held captive in some sort of twisted game. You notice a timer on the wall start counting down from an hour. What happens when the timer reaches zero? You’re not sure, but you sure don’t want to stick around to find out!



The Captivity Locked Room is one of our harder escape rooms and is listed as “advanced”.

This means that we recommend that you do not try this escape room if it is your very first time playing one. If you’ve played a few escape rooms before and are looking for a challenge you will likely find it with this room!

Horror theme

Captivity belongs in our “horror” genre of escape rooms.

Our horror themed Locked Rooms often have gory and graphic elements or decor that may offend some people. If trying to escaping a serial killer’s dungeon does not sound appealing to you, then Captivity may not be the best choice for you to play you may want to try one of our “adventure”, “mystery”, or “suspense” rooms instead. As with all of our Locked Rooms, we do not have any pop-out scares in the room, but our horror themed rooms are our most intense escape rooms.

14+ Age
Locked Room Captivity Room Picture
Locked Room Captivity Room Picture


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