Escape Game Player Types

Team Diversity for Escape Game Success

Succeeding at escape games or alternate reality adventures requires a broad skill-set. There are no particular educational backgrounds or individual skills that can guarantee success – every team should have a wide variety of skills so that they’re well prepared for any type of challenge!

Different Escape Game Player Types

Here at The Locked Room we run into many different people & personalities. These different personalities shine through when playing escape games at The Locked Room. The escape game experience brings out the best (and worst) puzzle solving qualities in people.

The following list is compromised with the 9 most predominant escape game players that we’ve seen in our escape room adventures.

#9 – The Calculator

Got a cipher to decode? Complex algebra equations? Logic based problems? The Calculator is your go-to-guy. They eat, sleep, and breathe numbers.

#8 – The Author

Master of anything word related. Probably ruined Scrabble for their family as a child but will power their way through any crossword or letter based puzzle!

#7 – Dora (The Explorer)

The explorer searches and finds everything. Their job is to open every drawer, comb over every book, and search under every rug!

#6 – The Outlier

The outlier thinks differently and makes the connection that you can’t. Able to step back and look at the puzzle from a different angle when everybody else is stuck in group-think mode.

#5 – The Overseer

The overseer keeps tracks of the types of locks remaining, any unused keys or clues, and keeps the team moving in the right direction. Is able to see the big picture (and yell louder than the rest of the team!)

#4 – The Brute

The brute will brute force any lock. If you know one or two digits, he’ll get working on the rest. Also very good at bending keys by forcing them into the wrong locks.

#3 – The Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss army knife is good at everything. The teammate that never wants to call for a hint. Secretly disappointed when someone else on the team solves a puzzle.

#2 – The Acrobat

Whether it’s fitting through a narrow space, carefully balancing an object, or a dexterity based task, the Acrobat can get it done without breaking a sweat!

#1 – The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty holds the light very well. It’s not a tough job, but they’ll brighten up your day!

Which Escape Game Player Type Are You?

Not everyone necessarily fits into one single category, but which escape game player do you see yourself relating the most with? Let us know in the comments below.