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Escape Room Story

Welcome to Ancient Athens! The land has been terrorized and decimated by a fearsome Minotaur. The King of Athens has promised great wealth and honour to the hero who defeats the Minotaur and frees the land of it’s terror. However, this quest will be no easy task, the lair is also guarded by 4 fearsome creatures: a Griffin, a Hydra, a Cyclops and the menacing Medusa.

You embark on your quest and find some locals willing to guide you to the entrance, but they have made it clear that this is as far as they’ll go. Will you be victorious in your quest or will the Lair of the Minotaur prove to be too much to handle?



The Lair of the Minotaur has a successful escape rate of 45%.

This escape room is listed as “beginner”. This means that this escape room is suited towards first time players as well as players who have a few escape room experiences. If you are an escape room enthusiast and have played dozens of rooms then this escape room may not be super challenging for you.

The escape room belongs to the “suspense” genre of escape rooms.

Our suspense themed rooms may contain moderately intense situations. This can include a broad range of elements but some examples include: a portion of the room being in darkness (we always provide flashlights!), being locked behind bars, or having scary props in the room. The noises and sounds in these rooms may also be somewhat suspenseful. Although fun for the vast majority of players, if you are extremely claustrophobic you may want to consider playing of our lower intensity “adventure” rooms.


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